Following up the success of past event at WWW2015, AW4City 2016 aims to keep on attracting a significant international attention with regard to web applications for smart cities. More specifically, the aim of this workshop is to focus on innovative applications smart city component and more specifically on the design and implementation of web-based applications and Apps. This component is crucial, since it addresses all the smart city dimensions:

  • Economy, since new types of entrepreneurship and business models appear in data and creative industries, and develop web applications and Apps.
  • Mobility, with regard to urban transportation (intelligent transportation), distance working, job offering demonstration etc.
  • Environment, since applications enhance resource management, transportation improvement, environmental monitoring etc.
  • Living, since applications enhance local life (i.e., e-learning, e-banking, e-commerce etc.).
  • People, since they concern applications’ end users and
  • Governance, where open data and e-government play crucial role in smart city generation an operation.

This year, the proposed workshop will emphasize on the contribution of web applications and Apps to current sustainability smart city challenges like urban efficiency against climate change, economic viability, adoption etc.

As part of the WWW2016 25th International conference, this workshop is dedicated to open discussions about the most important issues today in terms of smart city methodologies, implementations and practices.